Case Example: Creating a Large Regional Tourism AttractionMoving towards tangible resources for the regional development model.

Creating the “hubs on the Wheels” will be highly advantageous to a region´s success. Human beings like to have “real things”. In fact, if you look at what most organizations and governments spend their monies on, it is for bricks and mortar. We will gladly spend billions of dollars on concrete. Even though I believe there should be a balance in how our public dollars are spent, this is the current state of affairs . This is likely changing and I believe people will become more willing to spend money on “non-tangible” assets to better serve people. However, for the time being we cannot

ignore the reality that people want to have stuff, physical things to represent success. The next projects are much more physically tangible than many of the previously presented ideas and programs.

In this section, we are beginning to build the various facilities, which are important and necessary, in order to conduct and support the various organizational functions of the RRES. The first part of the regional facilities is for a tourism resort, and the second is the facilities for what we call the Hybrid Community Diversified Cooperative (HCDC). These two facilities provide “hubs on the wheel” for the two major functions necessary to support the RRES as a comprehensive strategy. The first is for the regions diversified and regionally networked tourism strategy, and the second is related to innovation in the areas of agriculture, business and entrepreneurship. Both of these facilities have complimentary natures in that they promote innovation, creativity, collaboration and education. However, there are also distinct differences in them. Unfortunately I am not an architect because I would like to provide beautiful landscape and architectural drawings showing graphic details of the concepts. Maybe the next edition I will have attracted an architect to help with some drawings.

Mariposa Paradise – education, renewal resort & regional development in Quindio, Colombia

Mariposa Paradise, a project of Solomon Source will establish a “hub” for sustainable regional economic development in Quindio/Tolima, Colombia. (executive summary of Regional Revitalization & Empowerment Strategies) The vision for Solomon Source is to create

 “place(s) where spirits will soar. Spaces and endeavors where Love will be re-presented and hearts will be re-cognized through the creative energies within us; resulting in spaces where people can come, heal from their past, dream for the future and experience a type of learning that will re-acquaint them with their own heart in the context of understanding and discovering joy, nurturing, and self empowerment. Teachers emerge where needed to speak with wisdom that questions instead of instructs.”

Vision for Mariposa Paradise as a Tourism Attraction to stimulate economic and community development

Currently a project in a conceptual phase that involves a broad based initiative to enhance regional development in Colombia. The following diagram depicts the “pieces of the puzzle”.

Diagram 1: The Mariposa Paradise project puzzle

Mariposa Paradise – The Hub

Project description

Mariposa Paradise will be located in a beautiful natural area in Colombia. The natural area could be near the rain forest or a tropical area. There are really no limitations, just the requirement that the area have abundant natural space and be peaceful without encroaching urban, industrial or “noisy” development. The key is to provide access to nature with a focus on promoting renewal through interaction with nature.

The concept is to take the example of the Las Camelias Resort (previous photo) we visited and “add-value”, including education and spiritual renewal. Of course all of the more traditional things, pleasures will also likely be provided (playground, amusement park, theatre, swimming pools, restaurant, spa/massage).

Our task with the renewal resort is to re-present the Love in our hearts. Demonstrate its power. Create a place where this Love pervades and we can bring the best of all worlds to be. All that has come together to this point is through the various laws of nature and we will base our process on the Law of Allowing. We are also using the Law of Deliberate Creation.

The attraction would also be developed based upon all of the knowledge we have regarding regional and community development.

The Quindio region of Colombia is an auspicious place to begin a project like this because this area is “recovering” from the earthquake of January 1999. Martha Varon, a professor at the University of Ibague, refers to our opportunity as “rebuilding hope and people”.

Mariposa will tie together all of the concepts that I have been learning and teaching. With Van Horn, Texas I learned that individual healing must occur for the community to heal (People vs Machines, Creating Systems the Serve People). Each individual is responsible for their lives and how they interact/shape their world. Once a person understands and lives this, everything can be transformed. Their experience literally transforms and they can create magic – literally trans-conforming their “reality” to what they desire. This can be done in any way but if one is aligned with the purpose of the Universe and Gaia then great power will come to their aid (summary of global "cooperative" phenomena).

Unique assets

As with any place the “inherent capital”, are the people, the natural resources and the history and culture of the place. Quindio, Colombia is abundant in all of these areas and one of our key initial steps will be to identify these assets, organize them, and make contact with those people and organizations that will be beneficial to the project. We have many connections to many of the good people, organizations and communities in the region.

Our special business approach

The Recreation Experience Model (Diagram C9-12) provides our business modus operandi. This process shows how we will stay engaged with our clients and customers in the long term. A well respected hospitality training program will also be used extensively and could be also used as part of the renew curriculum. For a detailed description of the Recreation Experience Model see “A New Pair of Glasses”.

Diagram 2: The Recreation Experience Model

In addition we will have educational and inspirational resources on site.

School of the Future – School to Do Good

There can be an education branch and the “School to Do Good”, developed from “Friends Who Change the World” Armenia Challenge Club.

Traditional and experiential education will be instrumental in developing the educational components for programs at Mariposa.

Traditional education represents the existing way and experiential builds a bridge, a path to new, novel and innovative ways to bring the power of learning to its full potential. This involves new learning materials, content, experiences, processes but also the power of group discovery (Master Mind) and interpersonal experiences.

Experiential education
Nature experiences. Social projects. Ropes course. Leadership training.

Spiritual Renewal Center
Based on a group of friends who have been working diligently on themselves, and on things to help other people change their lives. Draw from list of materials that have been pulled together over time.

IAmSharing collaborative network
The IAmSharing (or some other name) network will be our vehicle to showcase and build the virtual version of Mariposa Paradise.

Regional development ties - attractions

            - Las Camelias Resort
            - Museo del Oro – Quimbaya (Gold Museum featuring – anthropology)
            - Cajamaraca
            - Panaca & Coffee Park
            - Butterfly Gardens
            - Salento
            - All Quindio communities

Other linkages to entities to include:
ZERI, and other international “showcase” projects.

Steps in the process

     - Find our the architect for Mariposa (green, sustainable energy building)
     - Visualize property with lake, stream, forest not too far from agricultural areas
     - Create facility map/layout
     - Make drawing based on vision and photos
     - Develop phased concept for project – then answer the question “where do we start first?”
     - Develop list of people and organizations that might be involved directly or indirectly.
     - Identify organizations to help or collaborate with (e.g. business, agencies, schools).

     - Organize first curriculums:
        - Tourism/entrepreneurship,
        - Challenge Club: Social responsibility
        - Consider building relationship with Las Camelias resort to get started on our education and social responsibility programs.
     - Invite architect/planner to be involved
     - Look at writing business plan, but don’t constrain vision.
     - Based on ecologically based concepts combine beautiful architecture, layout and design with ecologically sustainable
        practices (green building, energy efficiencies, etc.)
     - Locate the perfect setting, preferable that there be a lake, river or some water body nearby
     - Brainstorm components of the attraction, renewal center and academy.
     - Begin thinking of a Board of Advisors.
     - Begin thinking about who should be involved – teachers, resort operators, program leaders, renewal center director and staff.
     - Fundraising, loans, etc.

Facilities (tentative):

            - Cabins                                               - Conference Center
            - Health (Healing) Center                   - Resort rooms
            - Guest Houses                                    - Gift shop/bookstore
            - Experiential Education Center – “Academy”
            - Technology Center                           - Ropes course
            - Hiking trails                                      -  Lake (river)
            - Camping                                           - Restaurant
            - Grocery: farmers market                 - Amusement area/playground

Diagram 3: conceptual Connections between Mariposa and Regional Attractions with Art, Music, Dance and Nature as a Backdrop

Diagram shows  how the Mariposa attraction is positioned as a sort of hub to many different resources and attractions within the region.

The cultural backdrop, which is what brings the heart and soul of the region to life and can enhance its development within the region are the creative arts, here depicted in the circles Art, Music, Dance. Nature is the other core component by providing the context of connection to the beauty, serenity and energy that is supplied from the natural world.

As we look at the center of the diagram we have provided some examples of the kinds of activities to be supported. These include events, conferences, educational programs, etc. This could then be connected to the production of books and other inspired works that are produced from the educational and inspirational workshops being held at the resort.

Diagram 2 Shows how the Mariposa Paradise becomes one hub as it connects to the other major components of the regional strategy. This diagram could be applied to each of the elements in the same fashion in this way it creates a sort of multi-nested network. The arrows show that there is an exchange that crosses between all of these functions in a dynamic interchange.

Diagram 4: Relationship between Mariposa and major components of RRES

Diagram 5: An artistic rendering of the facilities and layout of the Mariposa Paradise (this graphic and logo was done by Juan Jose Castro Varon,at 11 years old).