The Rural Innovation Institute

The Rural Innovation Institute presents an opportunity to rural places—to be leaders, and to empower their communities and regions to transform the lives of people.

Changing times are presenting new ways that we can reach out to people and provide services. The best way to offer these services is through an educational vehicle. However, the traditional educational institutions have fallen prey to systems that are not teaching subjects that will make a difference in people´s lives, nor in creating a dynamic interchange of ideas and resources between the “public” and the learning institutions.

The Rural Innovation Institute, & Rural Revitalization and Empowerment Strategy detailed project description

Courses and Resources for Individuals, Communities, Businesses and Organizations

From the heart of North America we are offering a variety of resources to revitalize regions and communities and empower businesses, organizations and individuals.

Ames, Iowa is the appropriate home for the Rural Innovation Institute as it was the location of the first Land Grant University in the United States. The land-grant system was the boldest to extend education to the people of a nation, in the interest of advancing the nation.

It was built upon three primary ideas: Education, Research, and Extension. John R. Campbell, the President Emeritus of Oklahoma State University has been an advocate for revitalizing this new model for education in the world. His book, "Reclaiming a Lost Heritage: Land-grant and other Higher Education Initiatives for the 21st Century." provides a wonderful overview of the opportunities based on traditional educational models. And we are so fortunate for our beginning vision beginning with conversations with John.

However, we see even greater opportunities combining the Land-grant vision with the power of Online technologies, and by re-visiting education as important for all people. You will find connections to traditional institutions, but our focus is on providing practical resources, information, guidance, case-studies, and services to address the every day needs of people. We are excited to be a harbinger of change in these rapidly changing times, as we see a grass-roots revolution underway, where people are recognizing that change happens one person at a time. And that our dreams really are dreamed to come true.

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