Reverence for Life University - "The University of US [Universal Sweetness]

The Mission of the RFLU is to Share The Practice, as a life skill-set resource with every person in the world - one conscious deep breath at a time! At our core, we provide the necessary "skill-set" for individuals to take charge of their own lives. The RFLU and other affiliated projects are fundamental to full-filling this Vision.

Vision Excelerator - The Vision Excelerator aims to fill a gap in existing business incubation and development and entrepreneurial training by supporting business creation and growing businesses and organizations, assisting them to be more successful and profitable.

Global Breath Consciousness Institute - The GBCI presents the transformational work of Desmond D. Green and "The Practice" - a "daily template for successful living". The GBCI is conjoined with the Reverence for Life University.

QC Collective - The QC Collective  aa project from 2012-14 was portal through which the creative and entrepreneurial energies of friends and acquaintances will be gathered and distributed throughout our region. By sharing our ideas and visions, promoting our goods and services, and encouraging our individual and social efforts, we create a network dedicated to sharing the good that is going on in our communities, while also supporting each other's dreams and aspirations.

Experience Co-Evolution Group - Community and Tourism Consultants / Our Expertise in sustainable community and tourism development has been developed from decades of work and searching for the best models across the globe. Our philosophy is "why re-invent the wheel" when innumerable success strategies can be found to adapt to your region or community.

Wireless Internet in DOT Rest Areas - Iowa / Texas
After 8 years waiting, Andy Skadberg was informed that It's Time! The Iowa DOT is supporting Zoom Information Systems to go to the next level with the technology in the 40 rest areas across the state. Mike Fritsch with Zoom is hiring Andy to assist with the tourism side of the equation. This development has instigated the development of "pilot" projects utilizing the RRES model. A variety of developments could put this in 25 states. We expect that this will be a project that will be moving fast and furious, so keep posted. To see a 2 minute video about the official launch in Texas, Click here

Pending projects - currently in development.

Rocket Bob - book, Yep, it's Rocket Science -
Science Toys, Engineering and Hands-on Learning

Inventor of a Hovercraft, Bob Windt, and creator of Universal Hovercraft has now retired and focuses his attention on getting kids away from the computer and TV while teaching them what they can do with their minds and hands. The Vision Excelerator is currently assisting Bob to develop a Web presence while also compiling several curricula and descriptive documents teaching kids how to make operational model rockets, airplanes, boats, hovercrafts, etc. with simple to find materials. Bob's passion is to conduct in class "learning by doing" presentations and is constantly looking for additional venues for enthusiastic and entertaining presentations.

Vision - Quad Cities HCDC and Renewal Resort
Dr. Skadberg, Sarah Ford and the Reverence for Life University team is envisioning the creation of a regional center for our projects. Numerous properties are sitting empty so we have been focusing attracting the necessary resources to realize this Vision.

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