Creating a Regional Resource Center for Our Numerous Projects

In envisioning our potentials to create THE showcase model for Regional Revitalization and Empowerment Strategies, this page is dedicated to attracting the necessary support to realize our dreams and aspirations for our friends, families and communities.

This project is a natural evolution of the Reverence for Life University, but also the Vision of Dr. Andrew Skadberg. The property shown on the left is a beautiful property that our Team would love to take ownership of to begin to truly realize the dream of "Being the change we want to see in the world". However, we are truly not married to this one property. Nonetheless in our first reconnaissance was very exciting and we have started the process to investigate whether this property will be the first home for our bold and grounded initiatives.

Because of the size of this property, we would be able to accommodate a good portion of our Vision to create a combination of facilities including, potentially, the Renewal Resort and the HCDC. The main components of the strategy have been written about extensively, although the specific adaptation will happen as our team comes together and the opportunities present themselves.

Look for an executive summary of this strategy in the near future. In the interim, the background documentation and Visioning statements and affiliated strategies are elaborated in considerable detail in the links below.

Renewal Healing/Wellness Center - Resort - Case study Mariposa Paraiso (Butterfly Paradise)

Hybridized Community Diversified Cooperative (HCDC) - a model for the creation of a "Center" for developing and supporting regional based systems for agriculture, education, economic diversification and other en-strengthening activities. The model is designed to be adaptable to all places.

Reverence for Life University - at our core, we provide the necessary "skill-set" for individuals to take charge of their own lives. The RFLU and other affiliated projects are fundamental to full-filling this Vision.

Reaching Out Strategy - a proposal to provide educational support to evolve to a full-range of offerings to marginalized peoples (Vets, incarcerated and ex, single mothers, homeless, children, refugees, etc.)

HOME (Honoring Our Mother Earth) Communities - a model for intentional communities

World Proclamation for Emancipation 2011 - a statement and document outlining the creation of a variety of online resources and tools to bring transformation to the world.

Most of these documents and strategies are included in Andy Skadberg's book "Vision - We ARE Re-creating the World: A Resource Manual "tool-box" for Revitalization and Empowerment Through Grass-roots Strategies and Environmental Awareness"