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It is estimated that we spend 70% of what we earn on energy - whether for our homes, transportation, industry, etc. It touches all aspects of our lives. We have been conditioned to believe that energy is scarce, or that it has to come in the form of carbon-based resources, solar, wind, water - ultimately to be channeled through wires and through centralized power stations. This is not the case.

This can be a long, controversial and potentially disturbing story to find out how we have been controlled by particular interests to buy their energy. One of the greatest minds, who actually discovered AC current and many other important energy and communication inventions (radio, wireless) was Nicola Tesla. I have heard and estimated 5000 energy ideas (patents) have been "shelved" over the past 50 years. These ideas could have vastly improved the fuel efficiency of cars as well as completely transformed our lives and our communities.

I envision communities without power lines. I envision the de-commissioning of nuclear power plants which is one of the most insane concepts for energy production ever conceived of. Japan, as of May 2012 has taken the lead in this.

Is there a lack of energy is one of the greatest questions we, as individuals, and as communities should ask - the answer is a resounding "No" - all one needs to do is to begin to Think, observe and begin to do some research. Here are just a few links that I have come across about this exciting era for totally FREE ENERGY is about to emerge on the Earth.

Read a blog I wrote contemplating this idea Is there a lack of Energy.

In 2012 I had identified some 15 different alternative energy topics and examples, on 12-19-22 nearly all of those links had gone offline. It says a lot about the state of energy in the world today. Even though a vast amount of work is being done, and has been done historically, there has been a total lockdown on this information being made available, and/or, the inventors, trailblazers have been take care of. I will need to revisit this area soon. I do have a few references, and some developing projects with my network, that should have some substantive information relatively soon.

Bob Albertson Inventor

Solar electricity investment - Youtube video

How to build a gasifier

Dan Willis Dreamhill Research - Williams Oregon

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