Technology provides a means to assist individuals and communities to come together and get access to information and tools by which to transform.

Specifically we are interested in tools related to facilitating the tourism industry and for education and individual empowerment.

Location Based Services - links to project underway providing wifi and travel information at state DOT rest areas

Technology applied to the tourism industry, communities, education - link to a tourism case study, free PDF document from Andrew Skadberg's Vision book

New models for education

Collaborative networks - link to a free PDF document from Andrew Skadberg's Vision book.

Environmental Technology - geo-spatial sciences and the use of visualization technologies for addressing environmental issues - link to a free PDF document from Andrew Skadberg's Vision book.

Andrew Skadberg began using the Internet in 1996 and quickly realized that this communication technology would transform the world. He first used the Internet developing a Web site for fundraising for the first Great Texas Birding Classic in 1996. Then in 1997 he learned began developing Web sites, deciding to conduct research about the Internet for his dissertation entitled "Nature Tourism in Cyberspace: an Examination of its Geography and Character in the Network". He believes that we have barely tapped into the full potentials of these technologies as far as empowering individuals and groups of people to come together and work "collaboratively". Often Andrew gets an "inspiration" to write - the following describes connecting a variety of "conceptual Web portals" into a set of resources for supporting endeavors across a broad spectrum of human endeavor.

World Proclamation of Emancipation 2011 - is a comprehensive statement of Andrew Skadberg's Vision for developing an online "tool-set" for Revitalization and Empowerment.

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