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Tourism - Work Books, Short Courses

A New Pair of Glasses - is a short course that was designed for economic development directors, Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitor Bureau personnel. However the course is useful for anyone who might be interested in creative, innovative tourism development.

Developing Tourism in Your Community - this is a comprehensive guide to understanding community tourism and includes specific action items for development and planning. Developed by the Texas Cooperative Extension and Texas Dept. of Commerce, this information although a little older is very good and applies in any context, although the focus for this publication was Texas.

Tourism Enterprise Opportunities - is an online presentation of the publication Nature Tourism: A Guidebook for Evaluating Enterprise Opportunities

Tourism Product Development - one of the keys to successful experiential, nature or heritage based tourism is quality product development. Dr. Jim Kimmel provides the most concise, and thorough discussions on the topic of "Interpretation", or "telling the story of your place."

Regional Development Approach focuses on a three pronged approach for tourism, entrepreneurship and innovation in agriculture utilizing technologies and education as platforms for success.

Empowerment Concepts for Rural Revitalization - excerpts derived from Dr. Skadberg´s publication, VISION - We Are Re-Creating the World, this is a brief introduction to some of the more important foundational principles and ideas - this is just an introduction.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Marketplace for Kids - This is one of the most comprehensive set of course materials that we have found for teaching young people, and we think adults, some principles and skills for successful, creative small business development.

Marketplace for Ideas - North Dakota´s initiative to help the citizens of North Dakota deal with changing economies, especially in agriculture.


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